FBDCA 2022 Port Authority Soft Shell Vest (Men)

A proven winner improved with an updated fit, beefier rib knit details and a three-panel hood. It's also colorfast and resists shrinkage.

The FBDCA 2022 Specialty Logo is embroidered on the left chest. 4.00" wide x 2.50" tall.  

Options include:

1)  Kennel name on front:  This option is $5.00.  With this selection you are done if you only want something on the front.  Do not choose this option if you want the logo on the back, simply skip.

2)  Logo on back: If you want the design on back it is $15.00 more.  The size of this design is 8.5" wide x 6.5" tall.  The front will be plain.

3)  Embroidery on front: If you want something on the front of your hoodie in addition to the logo on back you can get your Kennel name, your name, your dogs name on front or the logo without the kennel name.  This option is $17.00.  

4)  Select color scheme.  Scheme 1 is purple and blue and looks good on light colored items.  Scheme 2 is red, white and blue and looks good on both light and dark items.

5)  special instructions



 Above are the two options for the front of the vest.

Below is what goes on the back.  If this does not make sense Contact Us before ordering.


FBDCA 2022 Port Authority Soft Shell Vest (Men)
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Price $50.00
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