Welcome to the ISEW4U on-line store.  We have quite a few items from which you can select.  More items are on the way  And remember we will embroider on your items.  Can't find the right shirt?  Get the one you want, we will still embroider it for you.

Need a company logo or other design created for embroidery.  Contact Us.  We can create it for you.

All items are subject to availability.  We are experiencing problems getting certain colors of items.  Please bear with us.

Designs can be added to any of the items in our store.  Below are web sites to give you some ideas.  Designs are not included in the price of the embroidery.  Contact Us and we will price your design.

Dog Breeds     Miscellaneous Items     Embroidery     Dakota Collectibles     Embroidery Library ‚Äč    Great Notions    Embird

ISEW4U does not sell nor give away any files, created or digitized, for any reason.  The price you pay is the for the time it takes us to create your design, not the design itself.


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